Things to Consider While Installing a Pool at Your Home

Having a swimming pool in your home is great, but it takes many things to design a beautiful pool. People dream for years to build a pool in their house and finally decide to make their dream pool in their home.

Most homeowners who decide to create a pool in their home for the first time do not know much about the pools. However, there are many factors that one needs to consider before creating a pool at any place. From the shape, size to circulation system to the features and lighting, there are many things that you need to consider.

This post explains all the factors that people should consider before building a pool at their home.

Purpose of creating a pool

The purpose of building the pool should be the first question that every homeowner should consider. The design of your pool depends on the answer to this question. You need a pool to take a dip with your kids in the evening or for fitness purposes. A pool for fitness swimming is different from a pool for entertainment. A spa pool will be smaller than the entertainment and fitness pools.

Who will use the pool?

The design of your pool depends on the users who will use the pool after building it in your home. For example, if you want a pool for kids, it should be shallow, and the pool for elders should have extra grab rails. The one for the youngster is deeper and contain accessories like diving boards and lightings. Moreover, youngsters prefer the pool surrounded by plants and shrubs.

Type of pool

There are a variety of pools that one can build in a home. There are two basic categories – in ground pools and above ground pools. Moreover, depending on the material to be used you can build a concrete pool, vinyl pool or fibreglass pool. You need to think about the pros and cons of all these pools before creating one in your yard. The pool companies in Perth design all three types of pools for homes.

Shape and Size

The shape and size of the pool depend on your choice and the space available. A spa pool is always small, and a fitness pool is always large in size. Moreover, you also need to consider the surroundings before deciding the size of your pool. The pool companies in Perth recommend leaving at least five feet space on every side of the pool for pathways and landscaping.

You can choose any shape of the pool depending on the shape of space available and the design of your house. Forget the conventional rectangular and eight shaped pools and look for some contemporary shapes.

The circulatory system

A pool needs a water circulation system that circulates the water and filters it throughout the pool. The circulatory system for a saltwater pool is different from that of a chlorine pool. Moreover, some systems are useful for installation inside the pool and others outside the pool. Your pool builders will advise you the correct circulatory system depending on your requirements.


To make your pool attractive and visually appealing, you need to consider the landscaping around the pool. Whether you want the palm trees or small shrubs, or flowering plants around your pool, you need to leave enough space for landscaping. Also, the pathways and seating space around the pool is essential. A small garden with contemporary lighting features can enhance the aesthetic appeal of a pool in the evenings and night.

Pool equipment

The pool equipment includes the pool pump, filter, skimmer, ozonator, chemical feeder, and pool cleaning systems etc. You need to consider the systems that you want to install in your pool. The cost of equipment is crucial as it determines the overall budget that you spend on building the pool. It is best to install high-quality equipment as it lasts longer and needs low maintenance. You need to compare the equipment of different companies before purchasing one for your pool.

Choose the right contractor

Choosing the right contractor is essential as the appeal of your pool depends on the quality of work. You must research the available contractors and select a licensed and certified reputed contractor with years of experience in designing modern pools. Moreover, the prices of all the contractors vary, and you also need to consider the same while choosing one for your pool.

Final Words

These were the most important factors to consider while building a pool in your yard. In addition to these, one can install the extra accessories like in-ground and above ground lights, waterfalls, grab rails, ladders, and pathways that you need for your pool. Don’t forget to create a budget according to the above-given points while planning to build a pool at your home.

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